Church & Company was founded in 1922 by Charles Church. Since that time, we have manufactured and sold semiprecious and gold jewelry to retailers across the United States. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, service, and flexibility. Our complete line is made in the United States. Our signet line consists of 129 cataloged styles. Each is available in six different metals, 10k yellow gold, 14k yellow and white gold, 18k yellow gold, 10% Iridium Platinum and Sterling Silver at Standard or Husky weights(33% heavier). Each can be enhanced by the finest hand engraving in the world, consisting of one of a kind corporate logos, a family coat of arms, or script and deep relief monograms. Each signet ring is delicately carved by the Master Engravers hand to achieve the utmost in detail. A comparison of prices between Church & Company and another signet ring manufacturers will reveal that we are quite competitive for all that we offer. We are not just limited to signet rings. Church & Company also offers ancestry jewelry, coat of arms, wax insignia rings, cufflinks, crosses bracelets and custom engravings. Our colored stone line of ladies rings, pendants and earrings come in traditional styling and full fashion. Each accented with the finest colored precious and semi precious gems available. Visit Church & Co.